Who We Are

Nikki Bell MinstF (cert)

I founded Pizza for Losers in 2019 not just because I love pizza (although I REALLY do love pizza), but because I saw the need for honest and open conversations around failure.

I’m a proud loser. I’ve failed interviews, lost a job and still face occasional mini-fails as I continue to create a successful career for myself. Those failures taught me so much more about my strengths, preferences, and ways I needed to improve my learning so I could become a better fundraiser, leader and person.

Yet in my role as a fundraising consultant, trainer and convention organiser I can’t help notice our tendency to shy away from saying, ‘I screwed up but look what I learned instead’, when talking about best practice, how to run a successful charity or moving forward in our careers.

But failure will happen to everyone, and it happens every day in teams and offices around the world.

In a quest to provide a supportive, welcoming and fun environment to have these important conversations around failure, Pizza for Losers was created.

It debuted in Newcastle and London in June 2019 to two sold-out audiences with CEOs, fundraisers, creatives and consultants from organisations such as the British Red Cross, Teenage Cancer Trust, CLIC Sargent, ASK Direct and the Great Run sharing their personal experiences with failure.

For me it was enlightening. I had visions of big, costly mistakes involving direct mails and failed campaigns, but a lot of the speakers spoke about self-sabotage, shying away from change and failing anyway, and taking on roles that weren’t right for them. It completely changed my own perception of failure and helped me realise some fails of my own that I hadn’t even considered to be a failure.

The response from the sector for Pizza for Losers was mega and I can’t wait to bring it back for more fun, learning, and even more pizza in 2021.

When I’m not organising learning events or eating pizza, I’m a fundraising consultant and trainer helping charities change the world one project at a time.

You can find out more about me on my website.