One of the best events I’ve been to. A chance to really reflect in a totally authentic and open environment. Pretty much every speaker managed to combine being quite vulnerable in front of an audience with also being hilarious.

Pizza for Losers London, June 2019

Imagine a sector where imperfections are celebrated and authenticity is encouraged.

A place of work where you’re freed from your fear of failure and inspired to try new things, creatively problem solve, and move forward with new ideas.

Imagine feeling confident in yourself and abilities as a fundraiser without the fear of failure caused by the distractions of comparison.

We believe every fundraiser should feel supported and confident to embrace failure and imperfections as an opportunity to grow and better themselves.

Pizza for Losers is the failure inspired learning event for the charity sector.

An afternoon of true tales of what hasn’t worked for your peers and the learning opportunities that created. A place to find your network of fellow losers to support your growth as a professional fundraiser. A place to be you and discover a new way of doing things.

And then we all eat pizza.

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